500+ Nouns That Start with Letter "A"

500+ Nouns That Start with Letter “A”

Widely used or Most popular Nouns that Start with A

Here are 50 very common, widely used or popular nouns that start with A:

  1. Accent – an abstract noun, meaning — Accent refers to the way in which people in different regions pronounce words, reflecting their regional or cultural background.
  2. Access – an abstract noun, meaning — Access signifies the ability or right to enter, use, or retrieve something, such as information, services, or a place.
  3. Accolade – an abstract noun, meaning — An accolade is an expression of praise or an award recognizing achievement, often in the form of a gesture or statement.
  4. Accordion – a concrete noun, meaning — An accordion is a musical instrument with expanding and contracting bellows, buttons or keys, and a range of tones produced by metal reeds.
  5. Account – an abstract noun, meaning — An account refers to a record or statement of financial transactions, or a description or explanation of events or experiences.
  6. Achievement – an abstract noun, meaning — Achievement refers to a notable accomplishment or success, often resulting from hard work, skill, or effort.
  7. Acorn – a concrete noun, meaning — An acorn is the fruit of an oak tree, typically a smooth oval nut in a cup-shaped base.
  8. Action – an abstract noun, meaning — Action refers to the process or state of doing something, often involving movement, change, or a response to a situation.
  9. Actor – a concrete noun, meaning — An actor is a person who performs in plays, movies, or television shows, portraying a character through their acting skills.
  10. Addition – an abstract noun, meaning — Addition refers to the process of combining or adding something to something else, or the result of this process.
  11. Adventure – an abstract noun, meaning — Adventure refers to an exciting or daring experience, often involving unknown or risky situations.
  12. Advertisement – an abstract noun, meaning — An advertisement is a public promotion of a product, service, or event, typically through various media channels.
  13. Advice – an abstract noun, meaning — Advice is a recommendation or suggestion given to someone about what they should do in a particular situation.
  14. Air – a concrete noun, meaning — Air is the invisible gaseous substance surrounding the Earth, consisting mainly of nitrogen and oxygen.
  15. Airport – a concrete noun, meaning — An airport is a location where aircraft take off, land, and are serviced, providing facilities for passengers and cargo.
  16. Alarm – a concrete noun, meaning — An alarm is a device or system that warns or alerts people to potential danger, usually through sound or visual signals.
  17. Album – a concrete noun, meaning — An album is a collection of songs or musical compositions recorded and released together as a single unit.
  18. Alcohol – a concrete noun, meaning — Alcohol is a colorless, volatile liquid produced by the fermentation of sugars, used as a solvent, fuel, and in beverages.
  19. Alligator – a concrete noun, meaning — An alligator is a large reptile with a long body, short legs, a broad snout, and a powerful tail, native to the Americas and China.
  20. Alphabet – a concrete noun, meaning — An alphabet is a set of letters or characters used to represent the sounds of a language, arranged in a specific order.
  21. Ambition – an abstract noun, meaning — Ambition refers to a strong desire or determination to achieve something, often accompanied by motivation and drive.
  22. Amusement – an abstract noun, meaning — Amusement refers to the state or feeling of being entertained or amused, often through enjoyable activities or experiences.
  23. Anchor – a concrete noun, meaning — An anchor is a heavy object, typically made of metal, used to prevent a ship or boat from drifting away.
  24. Angel – a concrete noun, meaning — An angel is a spiritual being, often depicted as a benevolent messenger or guardian, associated with divine presence and protection.
  25. Animal – a concrete noun, meaning — An animal is a living organism that feeds on organic matter, typically capable of voluntary movement and sensory perception.
  26. Announcement – an abstract noun, meaning — An announcement is a public or formal statement made to provide information or news about a particular event or situation.
  27. Answer – an abstract noun, meaning — An answer is a response or solution to a question, problem, or situation, often providing clarification or resolution.
  28. Ant – a concrete noun, meaning — An ant is a small insect that lives in large colonies, characterized by a slender body and a strong sense of social organization.
  29. Apartment – a concrete noun, meaning — An apartment is a self-contained living space within a larger building, typically consisting of multiple rooms and amenities.
  30. Apple – a concrete noun, meaning — An apple is a round fruit with a crisp or juicy flesh, typically red, green, or yellow in color, and often eaten raw or used in cooking.
  31. Appointment – an abstract noun, meaning — An appointment is a scheduled meeting or arrangement, often involving a specific time and place.
  32. Approval – an abstract noun, meaning — Approval refers to the act or process of officially agreeing to or accepting something, often indicating consent or endorsement.
  33. Architecture – an abstract noun, meaning — Architecture is the art and science of designing and constructing buildings, structures, and other physical environments.
  34. Argument – an abstract noun, meaning — An argument is a reasoned or logical discussion or debate, often involving differing opinions or viewpoints.
  35. Army – a concrete noun, meaning — An army is a large organized military force, typically trained and equipped to engage in warfare or defend a nation.
  36. Art – an abstract noun, meaning — Art refers to the expression or application of creative skill and imagination, often resulting in visual, auditory, or performance-based works.
  37. Artist – a concrete noun, meaning — An artist is a person who creates art, often through various mediums such as painting, sculpture, music, or dance.
  38. Ash – a concrete noun, meaning — Ash is the powdery residue left after the combustion of a substance, often associated with fire or the remains of something burned.
  39. Assistance – an abstract noun, meaning — Assistance refers to the act of helping or supporting someone, often providing aid, guidance, or resources.
  40. Atmosphere – an abstract noun, meaning — Atmosphere refers to the enveloping gases surrounding a planet or celestial body, often associated with weather and climate.
  41. Atom – a concrete noun, meaning — An atom is the basic unit of a chemical element, consisting of a nucleus and one or more electrons, representing the smallest possible particle.
  42. Attack – an abstract noun, meaning — Attack refers to an act of aggression or violence, often intended to harm, damage, or overpower someone or something.
  43. Audience – an abstract noun, meaning — An audience is a group of people who gather to watch or listen to a performance, presentation, or event.
  44. Author – a concrete noun, meaning — An author is a person who writes books, articles, or other literary works, often creating original content or stories.
  45. Autumn – an abstract noun, meaning — Autumn is the season between summer and winter, characterized by cooler temperatures, shorter days, and falling leaves.
  46. Award – an abstract noun, meaning — An award is a recognition or honor given to someone for their achievements or contributions, often in the form of a prize or certificate.
  47. Axe – a concrete noun, meaning — An axe is a tool with a sharp blade and a long handle, used for chopping wood or other materials.
  48. Baby – a concrete noun, meaning — A baby is a very young child, often referring to a human infant or a newly born animal.
  49. Back – a concrete noun, meaning — Back refers to the rear or posterior part of something, often the opposite side or direction from the front.
  50. Bag – a concrete noun, meaning — A bag is a flexible container made of cloth, paper, or plastic, used for carrying or storing items.

These nouns represent a wide range of concepts, objects, and ideas, and are commonly used in everyday language.

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