Collective Nouns for Ovenbird: Exploring Ground-Dwelling Birds

Collective Nouns for Ovenbird: Exploring Ground-Dwelling Birds

The collective noun for ovenbird is a brood. A group of ovenbirds can also be referred to as a flock, a colony, or a warren.

Collective names for a group of Ovenbirds in a table:

Noun Collective Noun In a Phrase
Ovenbirds Brood A Brood of Ovenbirds
Ovenbirds Flock A Flock of Ovenbirds
Ovenbirds Colony A Colony of Ovenbirds
Ovenbirds Warren A Warren of Ovenbirds

What is a group of Ovenbirds called?

A group of ovenbirds is called a brood. However, there are other terms that can be used to describe a group of these small, ground-dwelling birds.

Let’s explore the collective noun of ovenbirds with context and example sentences:

A Brood of Ovenbirds

A brood of ovenbirds is used to describe a group of these birds, usually a family, that are nesting together and caring for their young.

Example sentences:

  • The brood of ovenbirds was busy foraging for food for their chicks.
  • We spotted a brood of ovenbirds building their nest on the forest floor.
  • The brood of ovenbirds was fiercely protective of their young.

A Flock of Ovenbirds

A flock of ovenbirds refers to a group of these birds that are gathered together, usually for feeding or migrating purposes.

Example sentences:

  • A flock of ovenbirds flew overhead, their distinctive calls filling the air.
  • We came across a flock of ovenbirds foraging for insects in the underbrush.
  • The flock of ovenbirds was a sight to behold as they migrated south for the winter.

A Colony of Ovenbirds

A colony of ovenbirds is a term occasionally used to describe a group of these birds that are living together in a specific area, such as a forest or meadow.

Example sentences:

  • The colony of ovenbirds was thriving in the dense undergrowth of the forest.
  • We stumbled upon a colony of ovenbirds nesting in a grove of trees.
  • The colony of ovenbirds was a welcome sight in the otherwise quiet meadow.

A Warren of Ovenbirds

A warren of ovenbirds is a less common term, but it can be used to describe a group of these birds that are living together in a burrow or underground nest.

Example sentences:

  • We were surprised to find a warren of ovenbirds nesting in the abandoned rabbit burrow.
  • The warren of ovenbirds was well-hidden in the thick underbrush.
  • A warren of ovenbirds emerged from their underground nest to forage for food.

Brief Introduction of Ovenbird

The ovenbird (Seiurus aurocapilla) is a small, ground-dwelling bird that is native to North and Central America. It is a member of the wood warbler family and is known for its distinctive song, which sounds like “teacher, teacher, teacher.”

Some interesting facts about ovenbirds include:

  • Ovenbirds are named for their unique nest, which is shaped like a Dutch oven and is built on the ground.
  • They are primarily insectivores, but will also eat small fruits and seeds.
  • Ovenbirds are known for their distinctive “walk” on the forest floor, where they bob their heads and flick their tails.
  • They are monogamous and will often mate for life.
  • Ovenbirds are migratory birds, with some populations traveling as far as South America for the winter.


The ovenbird is a fascinating bird with a unique nesting habit and a beautiful song. Its collective nouns of brood, flock, colony, and warren reflect the different ways in which these birds live and interact with each other.

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