What is the Collective Noun for Unicorns?

What is the Collective Noun for Unicorns?

The collective noun for unicorns is blessing. A blessing of unicorns is the most commonly used term, other collective names for a group of unicorns include a pride, a blessing, and a herd.

While unicorns are mythical creatures, adding a touch of imagination to language can be delightful. Here are some whimsical collective nouns for groups of unicorns:

Unicorns Blessing A blessing of unicorns
Unicorn Sparkle A Sparkle of Unicorns
Unicorn Rainbow A Rainbow of Unicorns
Unicorn Glitter A Glitter of Unicorns
Unicorn Mystique A Mystique of Unicorns
Unicorn Whimsy A Whimsy of Unicorns
Unicorns Collective Noun

Unlike real animals, mythical creatures like unicorns lack established collective nouns. Their fantastical nature avoids traditional group terms like “herd” or “flock.”

However, playful language can create imaginative alternatives. “Glitter of unicorns” or “sparkle of unicorns” capture their magical essence, while “band of unicorns” or “company of unicorns” offer a more traditional approach.

Remember, these remain playful options, lacking the widespread recognition of traditional collective nouns.

Collective noun for Mythical Creatures
Unicorn Collective Noun

A Blessing of Unicorns

A blessing of unicorns is used to describe a large group of unicorns, usually when they are seen as a symbol of good luck or fortune.

Examples sentences:

  • The blessing of unicorns brought good luck to the kingdom.
  • The blessing of unicorns was a sign of hope.
  • The blessing of unicorns was a sight to behold.

A Sparkle of Unicorns

A Sparkle of Unicorns: A Collective Noun of Magical Radiance

The term “sparkle” captures the enchanting aura of a group of unicorns, evoking the magic that surrounds these mythical beings.

Example sentences:

  • In the moonlit forest, a sparkle of unicorns danced with grace, their horns gleaming with ethereal light.
  • Children’s laughter filled the air as they discovered a hidden meadow adorned by a sparkle of unicorns.
  • A sparkle of unicorns moved through the mist, leaving behind a trail of wonder and mystery.

A Rainbow of Unicorns

A Rainbow of Unicorns: A Collective Noun of Vivid Colors

The term “rainbow” symbolizes the vibrant and varied hues that a gathering of unicorns might exhibit, adding a visual spectacle to the mythical scene.

Example sentences:

  • Under the morning sun, a rainbow of unicorns pranced, each one radiating a unique and mesmerizing color.
  • As the rain cleared, a rainbow of unicorns emerged, creating a breathtaking display of magical beauty.
  • Children’s drawings often depict a rainbow of unicorns, each envisioned with a spectrum of fantastical colors.

A Glitter of Unicorns

A Glitter of Unicorns: A Collective Noun of Enchanting Presence

The term “glitter” reflects the enchanting and captivating presence of a group of unicorns, each one sparkling with mythical allure.

Example sentences:

  • The meadow was bathed in the soft glow of twilight, revealing a glitter of unicorns grazing peacefully.
  • Children’s dreams are often filled with a glitter of unicorns, their imaginations stirred by these magical beings.
  • The storyteller wove tales of a glitter of unicorns, their magical hooves leaving traces of stardust.

A Mystique of Unicorns

A Mystique of Unicorns: A Collective Noun of Elegance and Mystery

The term “mystique” suggests an air of elegance and mystery surrounding a group of unicorns, elevating them to mythical heights.

Example sentences:

  • Deep in the ancient forest, a mystique of unicorns moved gracefully, their presence shrouded in an aura of ancient wisdom.
  • The artist captured the essence of a mystique of unicorns in a painting, each stroke depicting their elusive beauty.
  • Legends spoke of a mystique of unicorns that only revealed themselves to those with pure hearts and noble intentions.

A Whimsy of Unicorns

A Whimsy of Unicorns: A Collective Noun of Playful Fantasy

The term “whimsy” adds a playful and fantastical touch to a gathering of unicorns, inviting imaginations to roam freely in the realm of fantasy.

Example sentences:

  • In the meadow, a whimsy of unicorns engaged in playful antics, their joy infectious to anyone fortunate enough to witness it.
  • Children’s literature often features a whimsy of unicorns, bringing a sense of magic and delight to bedtime stories.
  • A whimsy of unicorns, with their playful gallops and gentle neighs, enchanted all who entered their mythical domain.

What is a group of Unicorns called?

A group of unicorns can be whimsically referred to by terms such as “sparkle,” “rainbow,” “glitter,” “mystique,” or “whimsy,” depending on the mood and context.


Q: Are unicorns real?

A: Unicorns are mythical creatures, often depicted as horse-like beings with a single spiraled horn on their foreheads. While they hold a place in folklore and imagination, there is no scientific evidence of their existence.

Q: What are some collective nouns for groups of unicorns?

A: Some imaginative collective nouns for groups of unicorns include a “sparkle,” “rainbow,” “glitter,” “mystique,” and “whimsy” of unicorns.

Interesting Facts About Unicorns:

  • Unicorns are mythical creatures that have been around for centuries.
  • Unicorns are often seen as symbols of purity and grace.
  • Unicorns are believed to have magical powers.
  • Unicorns are often depicted as white horses with a single horn.
  • Unicorns are said to have healing powers.
  • Unicorns are said to be able to detect evil.


Unicorns are majestic creatures that have been around for centuries. Their collective nouns of blessing, pride, and herd are a testament to their strength in numbers and their magical powers.

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