Explore the Collective noun for Quails

Explore the Collective noun for Quails

Quails, known for their small size and distinctive calls, have various collective nouns such as “covey” and “drift”. These collective names offer insight into quail’s behavior and group dynamics. In this article, we will explore the collective nouns of quails, their significance, and usage. Are you ready to discover more about quails and their group names? Let’s begin!

What is the Collective Noun of Quail?

The collective noun for quails is covey. Bevy, drift, and flush are the other collective names for quails.

Collective nouns for a group of Quails in a table:

Noun Collective Noun In a Phrase
Quails Covey A Covey of Quails
Quails Bevy A Bevy of Quails
Quails Drift A Drift of Quails
Quails Flush A Flush of Quails
Quails Flight A Flight of Quails
Quails Shoal A Shoal of Quails
Quails Rout A Rout of Quails
Quails Colony A Colony of Quails
Quails Brood A Brood of Quails
Quails Plump A Plump of Quails

What is a group of Quails called?

A group of quails is called a covey. Additionally, terms like bevy, drift, and flush can be used to describe a group of quails in different contexts.

Let’s explore the collective noun of quails with context and example sentences:

A Covey of Quails

A covey of quails is used to describe a small group of quails typically found foraging or moving together on the ground.

Example sentences:

  • We spotted a covey of quails scurrying through the bushes.
  • The covey of quails disappeared into the tall grass.
  • A covey of quails took flight at the sound of approaching footsteps.

A Bevy of Quails

A bevy of quails refers to a larger group of quails, often seen in a more social or communal setting.

Example sentences:

  • The bevy of quails gathered near the water source.
  • We observed a bevy of quails feeding together in the open field.
  • A bevy of quails startled us as they burst out from the underbrush.

A Drift of Quails

A drift of quails is a term used to describe a group of quails in flight, especially when they are flying in a loose formation.

Example sentences:

  • We marveled at the graceful flight of a drift of quails.
  • The drift of quails soared across the sky in synchronized motion.
  • As the sun set, a drift of quails returned to their roosting spot.

A Flush of Quails

A flush of quails is a term used to describe a group of quails suddenly taking off in flight, typically in response to a perceived threat.

Example sentences:

  • We startled a flush of quails as we walked through the field.
  • The sudden movement caused a flush of quails to scatter in all directions.
  • A flush of quails burst out from the bushes, their wings whirring in the air.

A Flight of Quails

A flight of quails is a less common term but can be used to describe a group of quails in flight.

Example sentences:

  • We watched a flight of quails disappear into the distant horizon.
  • The flight of quails glided gracefully over the treetops.
  • A flight of quails descended upon the field, searching for food.

A Shoal of Quails

A shoal of quails is an uncommon term used to describe a group of quails, perhaps alluding to their small size and quick movements.

Example sentences:

  • The field was filled with a shoal of quails, darting in and out of the vegetation.
  • A shoal of quails scurried across the path, barely visible in the tall grass.
  • We spotted a shoal of quails disappearing into the undergrowth.

A Rout of Quails

A rout of quails is a rare and archaic term used to describe a group of quails, often suggesting a disorderly or chaotic gathering.

Example sentences:

  • The sudden noise caused a rout of quails to scatter in every direction.
  • A rout of quails burst out from the bushes, their feathers rustling in the air.
  • We stumbled upon a rout of quails, their rapid movements creating a frenzy of activity.

A Colony of Quails

A colony of quails is a term occasionally used to describe a group of quails, particularly when they are living in close proximity to each other.

Example sentences:

  • We came across a colony of quails nesting in the thicket.
  • A colony of quails foraged together, searching for seeds and insects.
  • The colony of quails exhibited a strong sense of community and cooperation.

A Brood of Quails

A brood of quails is a term used to describe a group of quails, typically referring to a family unit with parents and their offspring.

Example sentences:

  • We observed a brood of quails crossing the path, the parents leading the way.
  • The brood of quails huddled together for warmth under the shrub.
  • A brood of quails ventured out of the nest, exploring their surroundings under watchful eyes.

A Plump of Quails

A plump of quails is a term occasionally used to describe a group of quails, often emphasizing their chubby appearance.

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