Collective Nouns for Sora: Fascinating World of These Elusive Birds

Collective Nouns for Sora: Fascinating World of These Elusive Birds

The collective noun for sora is a fling. Other terms used to describe a group of sora include fleet, whisp, and walk.

Collective nouns of Sora in a table:

Noun Collective Noun In a Phrase
Sora Fling A Fling of Sora
Sora Fleet A Fleet of Sora
Sora Whisp A Whisp of Sora
Sora Walk A Walk of Sora

What is a group of Sora called?

A group of sora is called a fling. Other terms like fleet, whisp, and walk are also used to describe a group of sora in different contexts.

Let’s explore the collective noun of sora with context and example sentences:

A Fling of Sora

A fling of sora is used to describe a group of sora flying together in a scattered or haphazard manner.

Example sentences:

  • The fling of sora took flight as we approached the marshland.
  • We were lucky to witness a fling of sora soaring above the reeds.
  • A fling of sora flew past us in a blur of wings and feathers.

A Fleet of Sora

A fleet of sora refers to a group of sora swimming together in a body of water.

Example sentences:

  • The fleet of sora glided gracefully across the lake.
  • We spotted a fleet of sora diving for food in the shallows.
  • A fleet of sora created ripples in the water as they swam by.

A Whisp of Sora

A whisp of sora is a poetic term used to describe a group of sora, emphasizing their delicate and elusive nature.

Example sentences:

  • The tranquil marsh was home to a whisp of sora.
  • A whisp of sora disappeared into the reeds, leaving us in awe.
  • The ethereal beauty of a whisp of sora captured our hearts.

A Walk of Sora

A walk of sora is a term occasionally used to describe a group of sora walking on land, particularly when they are foraging for food.

Example sentences:

  • We came across a walk of sora feeding on insects in the meadow.
  • A walk of sora moved gracefully through the tall grass.
  • The walk of sora disappeared into the underbrush, leaving us to marvel at their agility.

Brief Introduction of Sora

Sora, also known as the sora rail, is a small waterbird found in North and Central America. It belongs to the family Rallidae, which also includes coots and moorhens. Sora are known for their secretive nature and are often difficult to spot in the wild.

There are two subspecies of sora:

  • Eastern Sora (Porzana carolina carolina)
  • Western Sora (Porzana carolina pallida)

Interesting Facts About Sora

  • Sora are small, plump birds with short, rounded wings and long toes.
  • They have a distinctive black mask on their face and a short, yellow bill.
  • Sora are excellent swimmers and can also walk on floating vegetation.
  • They are primarily active at night and during dawn and dusk.
  • Sora are omnivores and feed on a variety of insects, seeds, and small aquatic creatures.
  • They are known for their distinctive whinnying call, which can be heard at night.


Sora are fascinating birds with a unique collective noun of fling. Their elusive nature and graceful movements make them a delight to observe in the wild. Whether it’s a fling, fleet, whisp, or walk of sora, these birds are sure to capture your heart.

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