Discover the Collective Nouns of Flycatchers - the Aerial Insect Hunters

Discover the Collective Nouns of Flycatchers – the Aerial Insect Hunters

Flycatchers, known for their agility and precision, are a diverse group of birds that have adapted to catching insects on the wing. These skilled hunters aren’t just admired for their flying abilities but also for how they interact with each other. One interesting aspect of flycatchers is the different words we use to talk about groups of these birds. From the common “swarm” to the unique “outfield,” these words tell us a lot about flycatchers. In this article, we’ll explore these group names, what they mean, and how we use them. Ready to learn about flycatchers and their group names? Let’s take flight!

What is the Collective Noun of Flycatcher

The collective noun for flycatchers is swarm. Outfield, court, and flock are the other group names for flycatchers.

Collective nouns for a group of Flycatchers in a table:

Noun Collective Noun In a Phrase
Flycatchers Swarm A Swarm of Flycatchers
Flycatchers Outfield An Outfield of Flycatchers
Flycatchers Court A Court of Flycatchers
Flycatchers Flock A Flock of Flycatchers

What is a group of Flycatchers called?

A group of flycatchers is called a swarm. Besides, based on different contexts terms like outfield, court, and flock are used to denote a group of flycatchers.

Let’s explore the Collective noun of Flycatchers with context and example sentences:

A Swarm of Flycatchers

A swarm of flycatchers is used to describe a large group of these birds, often seen flying together in search of insects.

Example sentences:

  • The swarm of flycatchers darted through the air, catching insects with ease.
  • We were amazed by the synchronized movements of a swarm of flycatchers.
  • A swarm of flycatchers descended upon the field, feasting on the abundance of insects.

An Outfield of Flycatchers

An outfield of flycatchers refers to a group of these birds seen flying together in an open area, such as a meadow or field.

Example Sentences:

  • We observed an outfield of flycatchers soaring above the grasslands.
  • The outfield of flycatchers put on an impressive aerial display.
  • An outfield of flycatchers swooped down to catch insects in the open field.

A Court of Flycatchers

A court of flycatchers is a term used to describe a group of these birds, often seen perched together in a courtship display.

Example Sentences:

  • We were lucky to witness a court of flycatchers performing their elaborate courtship ritual.
  • The court of flycatchers was a flurry of activity as they competed for a mate.
  • A court of flycatchers sang and danced in unison, trying to impress potential partners.

A Flock of Flycatchers

A flock of flycatchers is a term occasionally used to describe a group of these birds, particularly when they are resting or roosting together.

Example Sentences:

  • We spotted a flock of flycatchers perched on a tree branch, taking a break from their insect-catching duties.

  • A flock of flycatchers huddled together for warmth on a chilly evening.

  • The flock of flycatchers dispersed as the sun began to set, each one heading to their own roosting spot.

Brief Introduction of Flycatcher

Flycatchers are a diverse group of birds belonging to the family Tyrannidae, which is the largest family of birds in the world. These birds are found in various habitats, from forests to open fields, and are known for their insect-catching abilities. There are over 400 species of flycatchers, including the well-known Eastern Phoebe and the Great Crested Flycatcher.

Some interesting facts about flycatchers include:

  • Flycatchers are found in both North and South America, as well as parts of Asia and Africa.

  • These birds are usually small in size, with most species measuring between 5-9 inches in length.

  • Flycatchers have a distinctive beak shape, which is broad and flattened at the base, allowing them to catch insects in mid-air.

  • Many flycatcher species are migratory, traveling long distances to breed and feed.

  • Some flycatchers are known for their elaborate courtship displays, which can involve singing, dancing, and even gifts of food.


Flycatchers are fascinating birds, and their collective nouns of swarm, outfield, court, and flock reflect their unique characteristics and behaviors.