Discover the Collective Nouns of Elepaio - the Charming Hawaiian Birds

Discover the Collective Nouns of Elepaio – the Charming Hawaiian Birds

Elepaio, also known as the Hawaiian Flycatcher, is a small but charismatic bird native to the Hawaiian Islands. These birds are not only known for their striking appearance and sweet songs, but also for their unique group names. From the common “flock” to the lesser-known “charm,” these collective nouns tell us a lot about the behavior and characteristics of Elepaio. In this article, we’ll delve into these group names, their meanings, and how we use them. Are you ready to learn more about Elepaio and their collective nouns? Let’s get started!

What is the Collective Noun for Elepaio?

The collective noun for Elepaio is flock. Charm, company, and tribe are also used to describe a group of Elepaio birds.

Collective Nouns for a Group of Elepaio in a Table:

Noun Collective Noun In a Phrase
Elepaio Flock A Flock of Elepaio
Elepaio Charm A Charm of Elepaio
Elepaio Company A Company of Elepaio
Elepaio Tribe A Tribe of Elepaio

What is a Group of Elepaio Called?

A group of Elepaio is called a flock. However, terms like charm, company, and tribe can also be used to describe a group of these birds.

Let’s explore the collective noun of Elepaio with context and example sentences:

A Flock of Elepaio

A flock of Elepaio is used to describe a group of these birds flying or foraging together in their natural habitat.

Example Sentences:

  • We spotted a flock of Elepaio flitting through the trees.
  • The flock of Elepaio was a beautiful sight to see.
  • A flock of Elepaio landed on the branches above us.

A Charm of Elepaio

A charm of Elepaio is a poetic term used to describe a group of these birds, emphasizing their alluring and enchanting nature.

Example Sentences:

  • The forest was filled with the sweet songs of a charm of Elepaio.
  • We were mesmerized by the graceful movements of a charm of Elepaio.
  • A charm of Elepaio added magic to our nature walk.

A Company of Elepaio

A company of Elepaio is a term used to describe a group of these birds, often seen together in a social setting.

Example Sentences:

  • We observed a company of Elepaio gathering around a water source.
  • A company of Elepaio chattered noisily in the trees above us.
  • The company of Elepaio seemed to be enjoying each other’s company.

A Tribe of Elepaio

A tribe of Elepaio is a term used to describe a group of these birds, often seen living and working together in a specific area.

Example Sentences:

  • We came across a tribe of Elepaio building their nests in a grove of trees.
  • The tribe of Elepaio was busy foraging for food in the underbrush.
  • A tribe of Elepaio perched on a branch, keeping a watchful eye on their territory.

Brief Introduction of Elepaio

Elepaio is a small passerine bird found only in the Hawaiian Islands. There are four subspecies of Elepaio, each found on a different island: Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii. These birds are known for their striking black and white plumage, long tails, and distinctive songs.

Some interesting facts about Elepaio include:

  • Elepaio are insectivores, feeding on a variety of insects and spiders.
  • These birds are monogamous and mate for life.
  • Elepaio are territorial and will defend their territory from other birds.
  • They are known for their sweet and melodious songs, which they use to communicate with other Elepaio.
  • Elepaio are considered sacred by native Hawaiians and are often featured in Hawaiian folklore and legends.

Interesting Facts About Elepaio

  • Elepaio are the only native Hawaiian bird species that have successfully adapted to urban environments.
  • These birds are important pollinators for native Hawaiian plants.
  • Elepaio are one of the few bird species that can hover while foraging for insects.
  • In Hawaiian culture, Elepaio are seen as guardians of the forest and are believed to bring good luck.
  • Elepaio are listed as a threatened species due to habitat loss and the introduction of non-native predators.


Elepaio are charming and fascinating birds, and their collective nouns of flock, charm, company, and tribe reflect their unique characteristics and behaviors.